Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our engineers are fully qualified to carry out their work to the highest standards

Why Use Us?

Calypso Limited is capable of undertaking a wide range of work, and is accredited by all the appropriate trade associations. When you choose Calypso you can be confident of getting a first rate job in compliance with prevailing regulations.

There are serious risks involved in using an unqualified engineer to carry out work at your home or business. Firstly there’s the very real danger of injury arising from incompetent workmanship. Secondly, you will be breaking the law, and could invalidate your insurance cover. The savings you may make by having work done on the cheap are far outweighed by the risks you take.

We invest in training and assessment so that you can be sure that when you call Calypso, you’ll get fully qualified, competent and professional engineers, every time.

Fixed pricing and generous discounts are another reason to choose Calypso. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, so we are always happy to tell you upfront how much we will charge. Complex jobs may require a site survey prior to quotation, but for the majority of our work, we can give you a fixed price over the phone. We also offer generous discounts when you choose Calypso for more than one service. So for instance if you use our engineers to service your swimming pool boiler, we offer a 20% discount when you choose Calypso to service your domestic boiler in one visit.

We serve a wide range of clients both domestic and commercial, including many swimming pool companies, who can rely on us for quality workmanship and client confidentiality.